[Template] As a <person/role>, I want to <what>, in order to <why>.


User story

Who should be able to do what, and how? (See "guidelines" below.)

e.g: As a manager, I want to be able to understand my colleagues' progress, so I can better report our success and failures.

How it works

What happens behind the scenes?

Acceptance criteria

Indicators / requirements that must be fulfilled when the story is implemented.

Error and special situations

Descriptions of how each special case is handled.

Designs and flowcharts

Link to the designs of this user story. If the design does not have an interactive layer, add a flowchart or description of how the user moves between the different views.

Needed background services

Which API calls is this based on? Which ones of them exist, which ones should be implemented for this? Maybe also show some example API calls.

Translations of user-visible texts

Other prerequisites, such as firewall openings, integration configuration, or new credentials


  • As a <persona>:
    We’re after the persona of the person. We understand how that person works, how they think and what they feel. We have empathy for them.

  • Wants to:
    Describe their intent, not the features they use. This statement should be implementation free. If you’re describing any part of the UI and not what the user goal is you're missing the point.

  • So that:
    How does their immediate desire to do something this fit into their bigger picture? What’s the overall benefit they’re trying to achieve? What is the big problem that needs solving?




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